Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Christmas Tree - Then Canada - Now Maui

Christmas in Canada
I remember the days back home in Canada when we would don our winter clothes and go hiking in the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.

After they stopped letting you cut down trees on crown land we would go up to the Indian Reservation and buy from the 1st Nations People, the biggest tree possible for safe transport.

The hardest part was tying it onto the car, fingers numb with cold, and wondering if our knots would hold for the bumpy journey home.

Our twins when they were little

Our tree was always the focal point of our living room during Christmas and the wonderful pine fragrance that would fill the house now fills our memory.

Things have changed dramatically since those days when our kids were little, because now we are retired and spend our winters here on Maui.

Our Maui Christmas Tree

We know there are live trees to buy here on Maui, but for us it is more convenient to just go to the attic and take out our special, garage sale bought, 6 ' artificial one.

Most of our decorations are Hawaiian style that we have purchased from local crafts people over the years. You may want to read the blog about the huge Maui Swap Meet that is held in Kahului every Saturday morning.

This is a great place to find all kinds of seasonal decorations and gifts.  Here are just  some of our favourite Maui Christmas decorations.

Little Hula Girl

Little Hula GirlHawaiian GrannyHawaiian Granny

Nativity in a Gourd
Nativity Scene in a Gourd
Hawaiian BoyHawaiian Boy
Would love to hear about your Favourite Christmas tree, then, now or both.


  1. hhmmm.... Christmas trees!! Well, I certainly remember our beautiful, huge, lovely pine smelling trees on the West Bench - truly magical. I remember when everyone had gone to bed I would sit and look at the beauty of the lights and our tree and reflect on great memories of family - a kind of feeling inside that one will never forget.

    At fist when we stared having our own tree in our home after I moved out, I longed for that pine smell. But most places we have lived in would not permit live trees :( However, we have made the most of it and really love our 7 inch tree we have been taking out over the past few years. I love it. I love decorating and seeing what can be created. The twinkling lights brighten up our place and it feels warm and inviting. I love the feeling of warmness that getting in the 'spirit' can create and I look forward to the coming years when I can see that wonderment in my own children's eyes. However, we will surely, in the future, seek out that perfect pine smelling tree to have in our home .

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful comment, Robyn, our beautiful daughter! Yes what wonderful memories we have of those West Bench Christmases and now you will have already started storing up everlasting memories with your own family, and extended family. Will miss you so much this Season. Thank God for Skype!!!!

  3. What a wonderful post about your Christmas in Hawaii on Maui!

    Yes, memories of the Christmas holidays on the Mainland will always stay with anybody who was blessed to experience them: the scent of a real Christmas tree, a fire in the fire place and being surrounded by happy faces of family and friends!

    At the same token, the special memory of a Hawaiian Christmas will always stay with those who belong to the lucky people who experienced it: blue skies, warm sandy beaches and body and soul warming sun rays!

    Mele Kalikimaka. Aloha, Pua

  4. I love those pictures! They are so cute! What adorable kids ;-) Your Maui tree also looks beautiful. We used to decorate with lots of tinsel when I was a kid too and that brought back memories. Merry Christmas!