Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hana Day Trip - A Top Ten on Maui

The following post was contributed by our guest writer Pat Anderson.  Thanks Pat for sharing your story.
Alice White
Our destination for the day is Hana.  So we hopped in the enormous Cadillac (now named Alice White) and hit the road.  As we gained elevation the weather shifted, a light rain started and a misty shroud slipped in to hang over the mountains creating a slightly mystical atmosphere.  The road was scarily narrow; these things can give those wee little roads in Ireland a run for their money!  As we lurched along through the hairpin curves and one lane bridges, I was riding shot gun so I was very busy flinching, gasping and jamming down my passenger side brake pedal...was it possible to have any bigger of a car on that road???

Everywhere the scenery was lush and green and enchanting and I felt like I had somehow stumbled onto the island of Dr Moreau.  Remember that movie?  HG Wells flick with Burt Lancaster cast as the evil Dr Moreau and cute Michael York as the ship wrecked sailor who ends up on the Island?  At first he is elated to be there but then to his horror he discovers that that Dr Moreau is conducting these diabolical experiments meshing animals and humans together.  Of course it all goes terribly wrong….  I loved that movie!  Well this isn’t really like that, but the lushness of it all and the island thing stimulated my memory…

Just outside of Hana we picked up a hitchhiker and he told us that the word Hana means work.  He also said it is a ton of work to keep your car from rusting, and the houses from rotting and keep yourself safe from all the tourists on the crazy road ….

Wonderful Vistas
It is a fabulous day trip!