Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Night Blooming Cirrus in Maui

Just wanted to share some photos of night blooming cirrus that we saw in Maui. If you have never caught this wonderful flower in bloom, it is well worth a trip at night to see. First you need to know where it is located. The ones in these photos are along the lower Honoapiilani Rd. between Kahana and Napili on the Makai side of the road. Our friend had tipped us of that the buds were ready to pop, so we left the house around 9:30 that night and the photos tell the rest of the story. They only bloom once a year so we were thrilled that we could witness this special event. If you look closely at the hedge there is no mistaking that this flower is related to the cactus family. The foliage always reminds me of the Christmas cactus that we used to grow indoors back in Canada.

If you know of any other locations on Maui where there are night blooming cirrus, please leave a comment.
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