Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mermaid Washed Up on Waiohuli Beach in Kihei Maui

Mermaid on Waiohuli Beach
Recent guests to our Maui Garden House, emailed me with the news that while walking along Waiohuli Beach which is just steps from our condo, they came across a beautiful mermaid who had apparently been washed up onto the sand.
Personally I think that Bryan may have had a hand in this little piece of sculpture. He kind of has the satisfied look of an artist on his face, don't you think?  Click on the photo to have a close up look at the mermaid.
Sea Urchins

We love our beach.  It is a great walking beach, and obviously you never know what you might come across. So far my finds have been limited to shells and sea urchins.

Oh and I almost forgot. A few years ago some creative locals were making a hot tub on
the beach would you believe?  I called it 
Best Ingenious Invention on a Maui Beach.

Sunset on Waiohuli Beach

Thankyou Bryan for sharing with us. I hope you had a chance to drink in some of our amazing sunsets during your stay. Just another good reason to stay at the Maui Garden House
Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa

Have you ever come across anything interesting on a Maui beach?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saving a Humpback Whale

This story brought tears to my eyes.  Even though it took place in the Sea of Cortez, it could easily have been Maui.  If you have any similar stories about saving whales please share them with us.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Snorkeling Spots on Maui

Snorkeling is one of my favourite activities and I’d like to share my picks for the best snorkeling spots on Maui. I have found over the years that snorkeling experiences can differ from day to day depending on ocean currents and time of year. My best snorkeling has been in the summer months when the reefs are much clearer.

1. Ahihi Keanau Preserve (Ahihi Cove) – a great place for beginner or advanced snorkelers. Located along the roadside past the Wailea hotels on the way to the last lava flow on Maui and La Perouse Bay. No beach here and you have to park along the road but definitely worth the effort. Beautiful coral and lots of tropical fish and turtles if you are lucky. This is a perfect spot for families as it is a protected little bay.

Ulua Beach
2. Ulua – a nice fairly intimate beach in Wailea at the beginning of a wonderful beachwalk that takes you in front of all the big hotels. Snorkel around the coral outcropping to the right of the beach and you will end up at Mokapu beach which shares the same snorkeling point. This beach has restrooms, and a shower. There is a fair amount of parking, but sometimes it can be challenging depending on the time of day.

Snorkeling at Black Rock
3. Black Rock – located in front of the Sheraton Hotel in Kaanapali, this is a very popular snorkeling place. You can swim around the rock but even close to shore you can see many schools of colorful fish, as well as sea turtles feeding on the seaweed.

Snorkeling at Kahekili Beach Park - Airport Beach
4. Kahekili Beach Park – located in Kaanapali on the west side of the island. Also called airport beach. I love this location because the reef stretches quite a distance in front of the Westin resort, and is close to the beach. The reef is usually clear and abounds with lots of fish, and turtles that live in the cave formations of the coral. I have also seen octopus, eels and manta rays here. This is a state park so has lots of grassy areas, picnic tables, change rooms, rest rooms and showers. Another perfect beach for families.

Kapalua Bay

5. Kapalua Bay – this family oriented beautiful sandy beach is located in Kapalua West Maui. The best snorkeling is towards the north end, and inexperienced snorkelers are advised to stay within the bay because of potential strong currents if you venture outside. It has showers, change rooms and rest rooms.

Honolua Bay - West Maui

6. Honolua Bay – part of a Marine life Conservation District so all fish and resources within the bay are protected. The walk down is amazing as it takes you through a jungle of trees with long vines. The beach is rocky here, and you have to be a fairly good swimmer to get out to the reefs which are to the right and left as you look out at the bay. This is one of my very favourite snorkeling spots. Parking is sometimes challenging because you have to park along the road or in a couple of pull outs around the
entrance to the trail.

Path down to Honolua Bay
Before snorkeling you are advised to read about Maui Ocean Safety.

Summer and Fall are great times to snorkel in Maui and you can find some fantastic deals on Maui Vacation Rentals.