Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Arrives on Malauka Beach, Maui Via Canoe

We get the Maui News delivered and every Thursday a supplementary paper called Maui Scene is included in the bundle that lands with a smack on our doorstep anywhere between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM. I know this because I am often awake at these ungodly hours wondering if sweet dreams will finally come. This past Thursday as I was reading through the coming events for the week, a headline caught my eye. "Santa Arrives On Malauka Beach Via Canoe". Well by now you know we are Canadians, so a sleigh and reindeer are the only vehicles that Santa can use to navigate our snowy territory. What fun it would be to see Santa arrive by outrigger canoe on a tropical island. It was a unanimous decision between Les and myself that we attend this event, but first where is Malauka Beach? I am getting very good at using google maps for this and that and discovered that a beach that we called "Our Secret Beach" years ago was actually Malauka Beach, located in front of the now Makena Beach and Golf Resort which used to be the Maui Prince Hotel.

After a few wrong turns we found parking for the beach and made our way down the brick walkway.

A few families were gathered on the beach, looking out to sea and trying to determine which vessel carried Santa. It was soon pretty obvious as an outrigger turned toward the shore and made its way directly to where we waited on the beach.

We were there as the canoe beached and Santa greeted everyone with a "Ho Ho Ho" and how happy he was to be back in beautiful Maui with our beaches and sunshine. Everyone cheered and of course yelled out an Aloha greeting, and the kids lined up in eager anticipation of a meeting with their seasonal hero. After a great rendition of MeleKalikimaka sung by Santa, his two helpers and anyone else who knew the words, it was time to give the kids their treats. Thankyou Alex for sharing your photos, including this one of your beautiful granddaughter.

What a fun way this was to spend a Christmas Eve morning in Maui. Our family and friends back home will get a kick out of our tropical celebrations here this Christmas.
By the way, we have heard via the grapevine, that Malauka Beach is one of Maui's best kept secrets. It is a great place to picnic, snorkel, play in the waves, get married, and just soak up the sun. We will be sure to revisit our "secret beach" when our company arrives in January. 

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