Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maui Swap Meet in Kahului

If you've never attended the huge Maui Swap Meet, held every Saturday in Kahului, then you haven't lived. A nominal 50 cents will get you into the grounds where you will be treated to a colorful display of countless vendor tents and a thriving market place atmosphere. A far cry from the early trading days when sailors swapped weapons, nails, ducks, turkeys, chickens and pigs in exchange for food and cloth, the Kahului swap meet is alive with tradespeople selling everything from fruit and vegetables to plants, tropical flowers, ethnic foods, baked goods, clothing, jewelry and countless made in Maui arts and crafts. There are even some stalls selling second hand tools, collectibles and other items reminiscent of a garage sale. My husband and I managed to pick up the very rachet we needed for a household chore for only $1.00.
The Maui Swap Meet is also a great place to buy gifts for any occasion and for any age group so we did lots of Christmas shopping without hurting our pocket books too much. Many of the Maui artists and craft people own a shop somewhere on the island but when they sell their goods at the Swap Meet, they always give bargain rates and some will even enjoy bartering if you are game. Our friend picked out a lovely pendent for her sister, and we bought some clothing and hand made toys for the grandkids.We also picked up a beautiful bouquet of tropical flowers for $3.00 and a plant for our lanai for $5:00.Last but not least we loaded up on some fresh Maui grown vegetables and fruits to see us through the week.
Attending the Swap Meet is not only a fun way to spend a Maui Saturday morning but you will go away with the satisfying feeling that you that you have supported the local artisans and growers who work so hard to make a living in this current struggling economy. I definitely recommend the Maui Swap Meet located on the grounds of the Maui Community College. For more information about this Swap Meet and Maui's Own Gift and Craft Fairs go to the following website.

The Maui Swap Meet is held every Saturday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

You will find excellent directions to the Swap Meet location here

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  1. Aloha Julie,
    Can't agree more Hawaii swap meets are special. Most Hawaii return visitors to the islands know their special swap meets where to buy the freshest fruits, veggies and beautiful flowers.

    On the Big Island, it's the Hilo Farmer's Market. I love their lychee and rambutan - fresh and half the price from the stores. Not to forget the apple bananas and strawberry papayas. Yummie.

    Sounds like Kahului Swap Meet is a fun place to get some Maui shopping done.

    Mahalo and aloha, Pua
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  2. I linked up to the post :) Yes, We like going to the Maui Swap Meet :)

    A Maui Blog

  3. Mahalo for the wonderful write up. It's a pleasure to see that everyone is enjoying the Maui Swap Meet... more power to your blog!

  4. Mahalo Maui... It's Maui Swap Meet's 30 years anniversary this year... 2011...!

  5. Thankyou so much for letting us know that. We are taking our company there next Saturday.