Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fantastic Production of 'The Fantasticks' on Maui

The Fantasticks
Last Friday we were treated to a fantastic show at the Pro Arts Playhouse in the Azeka Shopping Centre in Kihei. 'The Fantasticks'  composed by Harvey Schmidt and lyricist Tom Jones in 1960, is the longest running musical in history, and the seven actors and one actress pulled it off flawlessly. Just to hear the amazing voices of Baritone Bob Wills and soprano Leighanna Locke was worth the price of admission. The comedy parts played by John Peterson and Kalani Whitford were priceless and the improvised sets very cleverly orchestrated. We really enjoyed The Mute, played by James Natividad, who was the Wall among other things. This show is a must see if you enjoy live musical theatre. A week later I am still singing the signature song "Try to Remember"  Thankyou Gord and Joyce for this wonderful early Christmas gift.
A synopsis of the story as seen on the Pro Arts Website is as follows.

Two fathers (Johnathan Lehman and Dale Button)decide that they want their children to fall in love. They decide to stage a mock feud amongst themselves in order to help the boy and girl fall in love. They hire El Gallo (Robert Wills) to stage a mock abduction of the girl, so that the boy can save her, becoming a hero. The boy (Tom Althouse) and girl (Leighanna Locke) fall deeply in love, but soon realize the feud was staged. Their love fades away. Later, after both children experience a little life experience on their own they reunite once again with much less drama. Features such great tunes as Try to Remember, Soon It's Gonna Rain, and I Can See It.
It is not too late to attend this great show and they even offer gift certificates. The next performances will be
January 7 - 16. Hint: The seating is reserved so book early and get a front row seat if you can!!!! For more information visit the website of Pro Arts Playhouse. The Fantasticks was produced by Jonathan Lehman and Doug Kendrick.

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