Monday, March 7, 2011

Sequel to Santa on Vacation in Maui

I know full well that Christmas is over and Santa is not really on people's minds right now, however meeting him on vacation in Maui kind of changed all that for me.

If you read the comments on the blog post Santa is on Vacation in Maui you will see what I mean. I thought that this one from his sister Rose was very telling.
"I get very teary eyed when Santa Joe tells me all the wonderful stories he has relating to children. He also becomes very emotional about his work, and although he is my brother, I believe he has become the true Santa."

It seems that when Santa Joe touches people's lives in any way, they just never forget him.

A woman named Cindy, left the following comment

"I truly loved your article on Santa Jo. Santa Jo and his wife are an exceptional couple whom have came to our house for the past 5 years for our annual Christmas party. He really does have a way with children not to mention adults. They are genuine and very special to everyone who meets them. So glad you came across his path."
Cindy emailed me a photo taken at one of those Christmas parties, and said I was welcome to share it with my readers. (see photo at top)

This made me think that if anyone else has a photo taken of or with Santa Joe, I would love to post it on this blog.
Also please leave a comment if you can tell us more about this remarkable jolly fellow and how he has touched your life.
It is so wonderful to know that the spirit of Christmas is around not just for a day, but for 365 days of the year because of this man!!!!

If you email us a photo of Santa Joe, or if you send us a story or comment about how this special man has touched your life we will offer you a discounted rate at our  Maui Garden House vacation condo between the dates of May 1 and Nov 1, 2011 subject to availability.

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