Friday, February 18, 2011

Santa is on Vacation in Maui

The other day as I was walking along the sidewalk at the Piilani Village Shopping Centre minding my own business, I did a double take. There seated in front of Starbucks was none other than Santa Claus himself, having a cup of coffee and reading the Maui News.
As I approached him I noticed that the words written on his red T-shirt said "Yes I Am Him" Of course there was no mistaking it. He had the same white hair and beard, just the right length, and the glasses perched on his nose definitely belonged to Santa. He was dressed in a red T-shirt, red shorts and red flip flops. I mean really, what else would Santa wear in our tropical climate?

I decided to take matters into my own hands and have a word with the old boy so I said Hi and asked him if he was on vacation in Maui. He said he was, and that he has a daughter and spouse living here so he and Mrs. Claus were visiting them and the grandchildren. I was surprised because I guess it never occured to me that Santa may have children, not to mention a life other than delivering presents on Christmas Eve. He went on to tell me that he lived in Georgia when he wasn't at the North Pole, and he was under contract with the Ritz Carlton Hotels there and in other states. He also shared with me that he does a lot of work for charity which keeps him busy after the Christmas season is over. He doesn't have a website because he is already so busy, he would be afraid of getting an overload of work.

Needless to say Santa is a very nice person to chat with and I was very happy to hear about all the people he helps year round. I asked him if I could take his photo to send to my grandson and post on my blog. He was delighted and said "Of Course"

He gave me his business card which is actually a copy of his Georgia driver's licence. It describes him according to hair color, eye color, height, weight etc. but with a few different twists. For example his weight is "Jolly" and his birthday is "Dec 28 A.D". Also his license never expires and the class is 'Senior Open Sleigh" with a restriction for no more than 9 Reindeer. His profession is quite appropriately classified as Toy Donor. I believe he must hand this card to children because on the back is the "Kids for Character Pledge" which he has permission to use courtesy of Character Counts, a program billed as being the biggest character education program in the nation. Not a bad thing to advocate I thought. So, I became more and more impressed with this jolly fellow and the fantastic work he is does year round.

After our little chat I left for home, with my belief in Santa strongly reaffirmed. I have to say that I experienced a Magical Maui Moment Meeting Santa on His Vacation.


  1. He's so cute and "fuzzy", makes you want to take him home and cuddle him!!!

  2. He's a pretty cool dude! With a very big heart and a great way with kids...

  3. We also saw him while we were in Maui in Febr. I understand that he flies United and has a red shirt that says something like: I always fly United except on Dec. 25th... and almost always gets moved up from regular seating to 1st class. Good for him!!

  4. I get very teary eyed when Santa Joe tells me all the wonderful stories he has relating to children. He also becomes very emotional about his work, and although he is my brother, I believe he has become the true Santa. Rose

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  6. Rose
    It is so nice to hear your comment. I am sorry that I was not able to talk to him for long enough to learn all the fantastic charity work he does. He says he loves his work and I can appreciate that you think he is the true Santa because that's what it is all about!!!

  7. Julie,
    I truly loved your article on Santa Jo. Santa Jo and his wife are an exceptional couple which have came to our house for the past 5 years for our annual Christmas party. He really does have a way with children not to mention adults. They are genuine and very special to everyone that meets them. So glad you came across his path.

  8. Wow!! I know Santa and Mrs. Claus personally and they are wonderful people! Santa Joe truly encompasses the meaning of a Good Heart, Loving, Passionate and Caring for All People, not just children! He brings light and joy wherever he is, so Maui I hope you enjoyed Santa while he was there!! I am sure he had a Great time talking to All!! Thanks for sending him back to GA!!
    Georgette in Georgia!!

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  10. Cindy
    Thanks for sharing this with us and also thankyou for sending me the photo with Santa Joe, Mrs. Claus and your family. Look for it on my blog soon. I know what you mean about Santa Joe being special and genuine. He even took the time to phone me from Georgia and thank me for writing the article on him. I was just lucky to come across him that special day. Already my life has been enriched when I hear about all the fantastic work he does year round.