Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beat of Hawaii - Find Cheap Flights to Hawaiian Islands

I recently came across a great website which was designed to help promote the Hawaiian Islands to visitors. 
"Beat of Hawaii" contains a wealth of information including Travel Tips, Industry News, Culture and Events. The thing that impressed me the most is that Jeff and Rob, the authors of the site, manage somehow to get what apprears to be inside information about fantastic deals on flights to Hawaii.
For example right now you can fly from California to Oahu or Maui for only $197 each way. Some of the deals even include a hotel. And, get this, I saw one from California to Maui for an unheard of $185 round trip. Certain travel dates apply to these specials but hey, if you are flexible it may be just the ticket for you.

The most exciting news for me as a Canadian is that West Jet has reached an agreement to operate a leased Boeing 757-200 for use on its non-stop service between Alberta and Hawaii. Many Canadians are already taking advantage of this trial run taking place from February through April 2011.

In this specail email that came out from Beat of Hawaii, they also state that "Vancouver B.C. plans to cut $20 million in annual aviation fuel taxes imposed on airlines, which should directly translate to lower fares from Canada's most important Hawaii travel port." I wonder if the unrest in Libya will change this plan. Hope not. The airport also plans a five-year incentive program to freeze landing and terminal fees at 2010 levels.

We are very aware of the huge number of Canadians that come to Maui each year. Where we are living in Maui it seems like every second person we meet is from Western Canada.

With the economy picking up and our Canadian dollar hovering around par, the numbers of Canadians visting the Hawaiian Islands are increasing daily.

According to the authors , "visitors from Canada are Beat of Hawaii's third largest source of website traffic, following only California and Hawaii."

As Arthur Frommer states, "If you're a fan of Hawaiian Islands, you'll want to rush quick to the "Beat of Hawaii"  I subscribed to their news letter for free so I can keep up to date on things happening in Hawaii. You may want to do the same.

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