Friday, March 23, 2012

Maui Personal Training - Sara Zfit - Personal Trainer - Z- Fitness Health Spa

Sara Zfit has been a certified personal trainer for 10 years and now offers training from her home based gym in Kihei, Maui.
I observed her with two of her clients and was very impressed by her knowledge in body sculpting  (muscle toning which focuses on core strength) and most importantly her ability to cater to each person's special needs.  This fully equipped gym has a variety of different machines and equipment and because most of the machines are multi functional, they provide a complete range of exercise for any personal fitness program.  George Mateljan has been going to Sara for personal training for the last few years, and told me that she is an excellent personal trainer and really knows her stuff.

The focus for George was mainly to strengthen his core and legs.  He began his workout on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then proceeded to the Vigor Fit machine where he did a seated row for back and stomach strength.  Then I watched him go to a re-bounder to do squats, while holding 8 lb dumbbells. After that he did leg extensions on the total gym and one legged squats on the Pilates Platform.  Next he went to the bench press where he did flat and incline chest presses with a barbell.  By this time I was beginning to feel tired just watching him.
Re-bounder squats with dumbbells
George ended his workout on the Vibro Pro oscillating vibrating machine for helping the lymphatic system. It also tones the body, strengthens core muscles and is helpful for losing weight. This is a ten minute workout which claims to provide the body with the equivalent of a one hour workout in ten minutes time.

On another day I observed Joe from Orange County California, a snowbird who spends around three months a year on Maui.  I asked him what motivated him to have personal training. He said that all you have to do is go into a hospital and see what can happen if people don't keep in shape. After he had some health issues himself, he got really serious and attends many classes and personal training back in California. He was very happy to find Sara on Maui and says that she is an outstanding personal training instructor with a great variety of equipment that has something for everyone.  Watch a video of George and Sara below.

Joe started out on the recumbant bike which focuses on cardio, legs and core and then went on to some strength exercises including the chest press in different positions, exercises on the pilates platform, and pulling weights on the total gym. She also did some mat work with him at the end of his session. Watch a video of Joe and Sara below.

Sara demonstrates pulling weights on the total gym
Sara Zfit gives personal training by appointment only. Her rates are calculated on an affordable sliding scale of $40 to $60 per hour.  To make an appointment with Sara call her at (808) 419-2025
Sara is also a certified group fitness instructor and teaches stretch classes, water aerobics, dance, zumba, belly dancing, classes for active older adults, and silver'n fit. For more information about Sara as a personal trainer or fitness instructor on Maui visit her website

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