Monday, May 9, 2011

West Jet Seat Sale - Vancouver to Honolulu C$159 each Way

Waikiki Beach
Just heard about an awesome deal on cheap flights to Hawaii. West Jet is offering an amazing fare of only C$159  each way between Vancouver and Honolulu which translates to C$422 return all taxes in. Apparently this special is going to be offered May thru June 22 and then mid Sept thru early December.

In case you didn't know the Spring and Fall are great times to travel to Hawaii. By then you are out of the rainy season, flowers are blooming and the reefs are crystal clear for optimum snorkeling and diving opportunities.  Another very good reason to travel to Hawaii in the off season is that most owners of Hawaii vacation rentals offer fantastic rates during these times so it is definitely the best time to get an affordable vacation in the tropics.
So what are you waiting for? Call up West Jet today to book your flight and then find an affordable condo to rent directly from an owner. Oh and don't forget that you can easily access the other Hawaiian islands from Honolulu if you like to hop around a bit.

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