Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Choice for 2010 Christmas Puzzle - Waikiki by Eric Dowdle

Waikiki Puzzle by Eric Dowdle
In keeping with one of our Family Christmas Traditions that I wrote about last year, we went looking for a puzzle to work on over the Christmas season. It was as challenging as last year to find a suitable puzzle on the island, but finally we saw that Costco had a large selection by an artist named Eric Dowdle, representing many cities all over the world.  We chose a 500 piece one of Waikiki and as soon as we got home, my husband spilled it out on the dining room table and started turning pieces over. I let him work on it for quite a while before I got into the act because everyone has a different way of organizing a project. Or is it because I am lazy when it comes to the tedious parts, so it is much easier to let someone else do them?  When I finally got involved, however, I was not very popular when I moved some of the sky pieces from bottom to the top where I thought they should be. Oh and I also tried to get the border happening as well.  I guess his plan was a little different than mine but after a bit more quibbling we decided to grow up, and work together towards a common end.  In this case completing a lovely beach scene smack in the middle of Waikiki and the big hotels. 'Voila', the puzzle is now finished and we debated putting it on a background for posterity. In the end it just seemed easier to put the pieces back in the box for another time. At any rate Waikiki by Eric Dowdle is our choice for the best 2010 Christmas puzzle.

I decided to google Eric Dowdle and found his website. He is a very talented artist and is known for his whimsical paintings.  A quote from his site reads as follows. "Folk Artist Eric Dowdle has applied his unique style to cities around the country and world. His paintings have been honored and displayed in exhibits and galleries everywhere. They stand apart as they encompass the essence of what people feel about their homes and country." 
Next Christmas I won't be tramping around Maui trying to find a puzzle. I'll do it the easy way and order one online from Eric Dowdle.
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Did you work on a puzzle this Christmas season? If so would you recomment it? Would love to hear your comments.

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