Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maui Monk Seal Causes Traffic Jam

Photo by Jimmie Hepp
On the way to Lahaina yesterday there was a huge line of traffic crawling out of Lahaina. On the way back we found out why. A huge monk seal had beached itself and everyone was stopping to have a look, thus causing a traffic jam. We pulled over to see it and one of the volunteers, told us that the police didn't want people stopping so we had a quite look and moved on. Couldn't get close enough to take photos, so I am using Jimmie Hepp's again. Haven't seen any better that these. Thanks Jimmie. Read more about Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals.

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  1. What a funny story about the monk seal causing a traffic jam in Lahaina. This shows us how laid back Hawaii still is in some areas. Hawaii's unique tropical flora and fauna is one reason why we love it so much.

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