Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Maui Vacation

A Maui BeachAs your plane slowly descends you start to get excited as you notice in the distance the sparkling turquoise water and softly waving palm trees The aircraft comes to a stop on the runway and you wait impatiently as one by one travelers troll the overhead bins for their carry on. Then it’s is your turn. You walk down the aisle and step out of the plane. Momentarily blinded by the sun you fumble around for your sunglasses and shrug off your jacket. Taking your first breath of the warm tropical air feels like heaven and the breeze ruffles through your hair blowing it from your face. You walk down the stairs and into paradise.

Full of anticipation you glide through the airport, hail a cab and in half an hour you check in to your Maui Vacation Rental. You love it already and drop your bags, soak in your surroundings and step out onto the lanai. No more phones or faxes, no more traffic or work stress, you are now officially on vacation in Maui.
Another great article by our travel writer Pat Anderson.A Hana Vacation Home
Sunset from a Maui Vacation Condo


  1. looks like heaven wish I was there!

  2. beautifully written! Feels like we just arrived.

  3. Aloha Pat and mahalo for speaking our Hawaii visitors' minds on Maui Vacation Guide...

    Arriving in Hawaii during the winter months when the majority of the 49 states are in the grip of ice and snow (or worst: snow stormes), is like complete 'Bliss'.

    Have a wonderful Hawaii vacation on one of our unique Hawaiian Islands. Take home the Bliss and nourish it till you will come back to Hawaii next year.

    Aloha Pua
    Best Hawaii Vacation Blog

  4. Great post, I found lot of useful information for my frequent trip to Maui vacation.

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