Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Maui Water Aerobics at Kihei Aquatic Center

In this blog I would like to share with tourists and locals, one of the best kept secrets on Maui. A friend introduced me to water aerobics at the Kihei Aquatic Center last Fall. Until then I didn't even know that Kihei had a pool, or that it was just a short walk up the road from where we live. I also wasn't aware that the Community Pools in Maui are paid for by the State, so
anyone can use them for no admission fee. The facility itself is amazing, and features an 8 lane 50M Olympic sized competition pool, a 25 X 30 yard warm up pool and a 10 X 30 ft. Keiki pool with fountain.

In my opinion the best water aerobics classes are on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday because on those days, we are fortunate to have Sara Zander as our instructor. Not only is Sara extremely well qualified to teach a wide variety of group exercise programs, but she is also a certified personal trainer and water aerobics instructor. Her experience as a personal trainer, has given her the uncanny knack of modifying the water aerobics exercises to suit everyone's specific needs. For each exercise she always offers at least 3 levels which you can choose from, and then goes the extra mile to help people with specific problems. For example I went to the class with some hip and back issues and Sara lost no time in giving me my very own, hip/back friendly options.

For Sara's classes she recommends the use of an aqua belt, in the deep and also the shallow pool. The reason for this is that it allows you to stay buoyant enough to get the full benefit of each exercise. Wearing the belt also makes some of the exercises more difficult, thus giving you a better workout. During the class we also use water dumbbells and noodles, for upper body, arms, legs and core muscles. Believe me pushing those dumbbells down against the resistance of the water is a great way to firm up those arm muscles and doing "Superman" (underwater flutter kick), with the noodle, is a terrific leg exercise.
My favourite exercise with the noodles is called the chariot race which involves the person at the front using arms to pull the chariot along and the person behind doing Superman. Lots of fun!!!

Sara has the ability to constantly change the exercises so it is never boring and always fun. She also is expert at incorporating Yoga, Pilates and stretch into each session so when you are done, you know that every part of your body has had a workout. The class is mixed with usually at least one or two men in attendance, and attracts locals and tourists alike. I have been going now for almost 6 months and vote Sara Zander's Kihei water aerobics class the best on Maui!

Below is a short Bio on Sara
Sara Zander is originally from Santa Monica, California. She started her training as a group exercise instructor with the YMCA in 2003, where she taught aerobics, stretch, Pilates, and dance classes, as well as specialized exercise classes such as pre-natal, post-partum, cardiac rehab, and Parkinsons. In 2004 she became a certified personal trainer and water aerobics instructor.

In July of 2007, Sara moved to Maui and began work as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for Powerhouse Gym. Sara now teaches shallow and deep water aerobic classes at the Kihei Community Center pool on Lipoa Street. Her classes are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:30 am. These classes are for everyone over 18 years of age. These classes are free, although donations are welcome. Sara encourages you to come and join in the fun. For more info, contact Sara at (808) 283-7231.

For a link to more community pools on Maui go to the Maui County Website

Would love to hear comments on your favourite water aerobics classes.

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  1. Unfortunately I work on those hours. But it sure looks like a great workout. Thanks for blogging about it - I'll pass the info around.

  2. Hi Liza
    Thanks so much.If you could recommend it people won't be disappointed. Sara is the best instructor!!!!

  3. I am moving to Maui in Feb 2011... already have a home in Kihei and can hardly wait to get there. I have PARKINSON'S disease and water aerobics is the only form of exercise this stiff body can do... it has truly given me back my independence. I was so worried there may not be any offerings of such activities in the area. How exciting to find you have an instructor who has experience with Parkinson's disease and a top notch facility close to my home. Thank you so much ! Leilani

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