Sunday, November 28, 2010

History of The Pioneer Inn - Lahaina, Maui

While enjoying a yummy breakfast with my friend at Lahaina's historic Pioneer Inn, we happened to glance at the back of the menu which told quite a colourful story, dating back to 1901, the year that President William McKinley was shot and succeeded by Vice President Theodore Roosevelt.

As the saga goes, a 6 foot-five 300 pound Englishman named George Freeland, came to Hawaii as a Royal Canadian Mountie with instructions to "get his man". I guess the venture failed so in order to avoid embarrassment back home in Vancouver, he decided to make Hawaii his new hale.
Somehow he managed to convince some local citizens to put up the money in stock shares so he could form "The Pioneer Hotel Co. Ltd." He then went on to build the plantation style hotel after a likeness of a similar structure on the island of Lanai.
This was a time of transition in Maui, when sugar plantations replaced the whaling industry as the primary source of income.
There is much more to the story, so if you want to read all about it, consider eating a meal or staying in this very historic building located at the ocean's edge of Lahaina Harbor in downtown Lahaina.

The old Plantation Inn now operates under "Best Western" offering 34 rooms. The restaurant provides breakfast, lunch, pupus and dinner and is a favourite eating spot in the heart of Lahaina. The manager, Mr. Guerrera was happy to pose for us in front of the restaurant. For more information visit the website of The Pioneer Inn.

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